Album Review: Melancholyfox – Emma’s Home !!

Artist: Melancholyfox
Album: Emma’s Home !!
Released: December 10, 2017
Genre: Electronic

Whether you’re new to the ambient electronic genre, or a veteran of synthesizer soundscapes, you’ll find a lot to like on “Emma’s Home !!”. In regards to the record’s meaning, Melancholyfox notes that the album is “a bunch of dance tracks for my love, Emma.” Despite the lack of lyrics, the New Jersey-based artist’s latest release is able to convey a sense of neon joy to the listener, and the six tracks on the album should be the soundtrack to your next party.

There’s a strong 80’s influence on the record as a whole thanks to perfectly produced synthesizers. It isn’t hard to imagine “And She Dreams With Me” as part of the “Stranger Things” soundtrack due to the sense of wonder Melancholyfox channels on that track. “Emma’s Home !!” doesn’t ever veer into dark emotions too much, but there’s certainly a sense of urgency and anxiety that’s communicated on “Quiz Due”. The track’s high pitched squeal feels like the countdown to an impending explosion. The tension of “Quiz Due” is relieved by the ultra spacey “In That Moment I Knew Our Love Would Last Forever,” which closes the album.


Pinpointing an exact origin for Melancholyfox’s sound can be difficult, but there are similarities to artists like: Flying Lotus, Boards of Canada, Dirty Beaches, and the Philadelphia based artist that mastered the album, Forest Kids, AKA Paul Marchesani. Much in the same way that Paul fulfills his electronic needs with Forest Kids and plays in the garage rock group, Larry Nodder, Melancholyfox has a rock outlet in Diaphana, formerly Gossamer. The band’s first EP was released in March of this year, and shares some DNA with Melancholyfox, but focuses on creating a fantastic post-rock sound. It would be a real treat to see Diaphana on the same bill as the Bethlehem-based band, VoirVoir.

To date, “Emma’s Home !!” is the longest release from Melancholyfox, and the future seems very bright for the artist’s neon sound. If for no other reason, give this album a listen, because it features the most joyful celebration of “Taco Fridays” ever recorded.

Track Listing:
Anterior Deltoid Tearout
And She Dreams With Me
Gnash Yr Teeth
Taco Fridays
Quiz Due
In That Moment I Knew Our Love Would Last Forever

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