Review: Pianist Dan DeChellis Provides ‘Snapshots in Time’

Artist: Dan DeChellis
Album: Snapshots in Time: A Collection of Songs 2007-2017
Released: December 14, 2017
Genre: Piano/Jazz/Instrumental

Local pianist Dan DeChellis is renowned across the Lehigh Valley for a variety of reasons. An adjunct professor at Moravian College, DeChellis has performed as a part of countless collaborations across a wide range of genres, from jazz, to rock and Americana, and back again.

DeChellis is also a composer in his own right, recently releasing “Snapshots in Time: A Collection of Songs 2007-2017,” a compilation of original material composed by DeChellis over the past decade and brought to life with the help of other local musicians.

DeChellis notes: “I tend to write for or about specific times in my life. I often think of my writing as snapshots of where I was at the time.”

With that in mind, it’s fun to pay close attention to this collection of instrumentals and interpret what each one represents. The steadfast tension of “March,” for example, suggests uneasiness, while “The Ongoing Dream” is light and hopeful, perhaps signaling a journey toward a grand vision of a better day. Meanwhile, the stunningly somber “My Age of Anxiety” seems to invite anxiety’s cousin, depression, into the fold, perhaps hinting at the correlation that often exists between the two.

Check out the entire collection, and don’t forget to purchase your copy on Bandcamp to take with you anywhere!

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