New in 2018: Pre-order VICTIM’s Forthcoming Album, ‘No Remedy’

Artist: VICTIM
Album: No Remedy
Release date: Feb. 2018
Genre: Hard Rock

Hard rock fans in the Greater Lehigh Valley have been waiting for “No Remedy,” the forthcoming album from VICTIM. The wait is almost over, and we got our hands on an advance copy so we can tell you what to expect.

Fans of the band will be happy to know that there is no shortage of high-powered rock and roll on “No Remedy,” beginning right away with the high-octane guitars of “The Dreamers,” a track containing a message of defiance that fuels the band’s creative spirit. Other heavy-hitting tracks include “Wanted Man,” which gives bassist Lee Billy a chance to shine, and “Double Time,” a track about living unapologetically on the edge.

“No Remedy” also contains several creative steps forward for the Northampton-based band. “Drinkin’” features singer-songwriter Steve McDaniel, who brings about a dynamic shift in the song’s chorus by slowing things down with a bit of a southern rock feel. Meanwhile, live favorite “Fade Away” is a power ballad that features frontman Cris Moser at his most vulnerable, while “The Storm’s” first-hand account of addiction progresses through a swirl of musical ideas while containing the album’s heaviest subject matter.

One more fun note: If you know the band’s sense of humor, closing track “Swallow” is about exactly what you’d expect. 😉

You can pre-order “No Remedy” at this link in a package that also includes a limited edition album t-shirt and an “Dead Nurse” poster autographed by the band. We’ve also included YouTube videos for “Fade Away” and “The Storm” below.

Track listing:
The Dreamers
Wanted Man
Look What You’ve Done
Drinkin’ (ft. Steve McDaniel)
Fade Away
Hooked on My Love
Double Time
The Storm


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