Review: Atown Slim Releases Inner Turmoil on ‘610 Heartbreaks’

Artist: Atown Slim
Album: 610 Heartbreaks
Released: Feb. 14, 2018
Genre: Hip-hop/rap

We don’t know what Atown Slim has been through in his romantic life, but if “610 Heartbreaks” is any indication, he’s a man who has been through the gauntlet.

“610 Heartbreaks” explores the complexity of relationships, delivering commentary on themes including trust, loyalty, balance, and letting go. This idea is prevalent right away with opener “HBK,” a smooth track with pulsing 808s. In particular, featured artist R3HUNNIT delivers a thoughtful verse about the power a failed relationship can have on self-discovery.

Other highlights include “Fooling,” which features Mya and pushes the envelope sonically, serving as something of an interlude with the recurring thoughts of someone who won’t be played again. Meanwhile, “She Could Hang” – as direct an ode to sex as there ever will be – features an instrumental that is equal parts frantic jazz piano and straightforward beat. The track also features an entirely different side of nerdcore rapper NyteXing, who continues to evolve from his previous Maverick Da Roninn persona.

Where we truly feel Atown Slim’s anguish, though, is on “Crime (ft. Phaze Wun),” a dark, electronic waltz with an autotuned refrain about wanting back into a soured, toxic relationship; and “Grimey Rivers (ft. Devin Hailey and R3HUNNIT),” which heavily samples Justin Timberlake and presents Atown Slim as a man scorned.

Track listing:
HBK (ft. Phaze Wun and R3HUNNIT)
Fooling (ft. Mya)
N-CYNC (ft. Semmi)
She Could Hang (ft. Devin Haley and NyteXing)
Crime (ft. Phaze Wun)
Grimey Rivers (ft. Devin Hailey and R3HUNNIT)
Main Jawn (ft. R3HUNNIT)
Like Me (ft. Sizzy)
Twisted (ft. Phaze Wun)

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