Dave Goddess: ‘Seems Like Everybody Knows Somebody Who’s Battled Cancer’

Dave Goddess Group have been delivering real, honest rock and roll for years. The New York City-based quintet often finds itself around the Lehigh Valley, gigging to a dedicated following of fans who have come to appreciate the band’s work and authenticity over the years.

On Saturday, July 28, Dave Goddess Group will join us at Hellertown’s Dimmick Park for Wings & Strings, an American Cancer Society benefit featuring local food, local beer and, of course, local music. We caught up with frontman and founder Dave Goddess about their involvement in the cause, as well as the band’s latest.

How did you come to be involved with the American Cancer Society’s Wings & Strings Benefit?

Scott Marshall reached out to us and asked us if we’d like to be involved. I know he does lots of good work, so I was grateful for the invitation.

Why is it important to you to support the cause?

Seems like everybody knows somebody who’s battled cancer. Personally, I’ve lost both family and friends to it, as have other members of my band. So, it’s a privilege to be able to help out in any way we can. From our perspective, being in a rock band is a blast, but it’s even better when we have a chance to give something back.

What can we expect from your set on Saturday, July 28?

Sweat, volume, and full-tilt American roots rockola. We have a new EP out, so we’ll be playing those songs. I used to front a band called Daddy Licks, so we usually toss in a couple of DLB songs for long-time fans.

What else do you have coming up?

We have a Musikfest gig on Friday, August 3 on the Main Street Stage at 6 p.m. Other dates show up on our Facebook page.

Check out “Last of the West Side Cowboys,” the newest video from Dave Goddess Group, below. Also, listen to all of the band’s music on Spotify.

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