Scott Marshall: ‘Helping Others… Helps Me Cope’

Scott Marshall is known regionally for his contributions to numerous charitable causes. That includes organizing musicians for this Saturday’s Wings & Strings American Caner Society benefit at Hellertown’s Dimmick Park.

A cancer survivor himself, Scott had plenty to say about why he supports the cause. Take a look below.

How did you come to be involved with the American Cancer Society’s Wings & Strings Benefit?
A dear friend I met from another local nonprofit agency that we worked with and try to help reached out to me wondering if this might be something I would be interested in being a part of. This event was put into our lives for a reason. The organizers were very welcoming, friendly and enthusiastic and it really made it easy to change plans because it felt so right. I actually canceled an out-of-state performance to be a part of it.

As a survivor, why was it important for you to get involved in this particular event?
I’ve been doing awareness events and fundraisers for the American Cancer Society, and numerous other charities and benefits involved in helping others who are struggling with cancer. So, this is just another instance where I was called on to help by doing what we do. As a survivor and someone who is still actively engaged in the war, the last few cancer awareness events and benefits I have done have been very dear to me, for all of the obvious reasons and then some.

As painful as it is sometimes, depending on the situation, helping others and their fight against cancer helps me cope with my ongoing struggles as a survivor. Like with other causes I am personally attached to, I realize that I’m able to once again speak about something, and share my personal experiences with authority and a validity on the matter that really hits home with those who know where I’m coming from.

We should note that this event is the first of its kind in the Lehigh Valley. What is the vision for Saturday’s event, and for what this could become in the future?
Yes, it is indeed the first of its kind, and that’s exciting. I’m really honored to be involved this way and everyone is excited to be part of it. The vision of the organizers is to always raise awareness and funds for the cause, but this time in a way that really draws the food community, the micro-brew community and, of course, the music community together in a fresh new way, and in an environment where the whole family can be part of it.

Anytime you try something new like this, there’s risk, but everyone’s hearts are in the right place, and it’s safe to say that we will be thankful for whatever becomes of the day. We’re hopeful that it’s  something we could learn from and build on in hopes of doing it again.

What can people expect when they come out to Dimmick Park on Saturday?
Lots of food, drinks, music, and cancer awareness in its various forms, at a beautiful park in a beautiful town.

What can we expect from your set on Saturday, July 28?
Buckle up, pay attention, and hold on tight! Lots of guest appearances and a free gift!

What else do you have going on musically?
We have Musikfest next week on opening night, Friday, August 3 at Liederplatz, and then again on Wednesday, August 8 at Festplatz. Then, our all-star show is on August 9 at The Steel Pub. There are also great dates throughout the rest of the summer and year that can be found on my Scott Marshall Music Facebook page.

Also, after overcoming some inner struggles, the blues collection I tracked last year is in the final stages of mixing, and I’m looking forward to releasing that in the fall. At that time, I will also be heading back into the studio to begin tracking some very special material for the holidays, and of course, start pre-production for a brand-new collection from The Highway and The Souls to hopefully release next spring or summer.

Hopefully, there will be more collaboration with other local musicians in there, as well. God willing, of course.

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