PHOTOS: Musikfest 2018, Day 2

The skies cleared on Saturday and, despite flooding issues putting part of Musikfest’s North Side out of commission, there was still plenty of ‘Festing to be done on Day 2.

We hit the streets, snapping a whole lot of photos and plenty of live video (available over on Facebook) throughout the night on the festival’s North Side.

We braved the crowds and the August humidity to capture the following bands via Nikon, and we plan to do it again tonight… and the night after that… and the night after that… and…

Vulcans (Mechanicsburg, PA)

Men and Whales (Queens, NY)

Josh Ronen (Nashville, TN)

Sphynx (Austin, TX)

The Aardvarks (Lehigh Valley, PA)

Public Access TV (New York, NY)

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