VIDEO: Jordyn Kenzie’s Uplifting Single, ‘Stir the Sky’

Young solo performer Jordyn Kenzie has a big imagination, as evidenced by the video concept she developed for her bright country pop single, “Stir the Sky.”

The new video, set in the country and making excellent use of the summer sunlight, was directed by Reid Carrescia and employs a team of artists, actors, and dancers to give it a true bohemian feel. All of this lends support to Jordyn, who relays an uplifting message about chasing dreams, no matter what.

Jordyn notes on her official Facebook page, “I hope (‘Stir the Sky’) leaves you inspired to go after whatever it is you’re passionate about and throw whatever’s holding you back into the flames.”

Let us know if it does that for you. Check it out below!

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