Shout ‘Em Out: Who’s Your Favorite Graphic Artist?

On Sunday, we published an article full of lessons learned over the years of advocating for independent musicians. One of those lessons was to make sure all of your branded materials — including graphics — are clean and professional before rolling out promotions.

Granted, not everyone knows someone who can design sharp, branded graphics for their shows and releases. Some may not even know where to begin looking for one. However, where some see this as a limitation, we see it as an opportunity to be a resource and create community!

Every Friday, we’ll Shout ‘Em Out and focus on a different sub-category of creative professionals, asking you, the People of the Underground, to shout out the ones whose work stands out to you. This will connect your fellow musicians with the right resources, and maybe even generate some business for the talented artists among us.

Use the comments, because that’s what they’re for: who is your graphic artist of choice?




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