Our Latest ‘Fig Voices’ Column Steps Into Josh Klein’s Dojo

Josh Klein is one of our region’s most uniquely talented musicians — and we decided that he deserves a unique spotlight.

The brainchild behind one-man, multi-instrumental looping show Hairy Dudini, Josh joined us for our latest Fig Voices column in the Fall 2018 edition of Fig Bethlehem to talk about his vast influences, and how his experiences have led him to his latest collaborative project, Funk Norris.

“Everyone involved has the same goal in mind: let’s just play some great music and embrace the things we love,” Josh told us about Funk Norris. “Who has time for anything more?!”

Learn more in the latest edition of Fig Bethlehem, available online now. Learn more about Josh and all of his projects at joshkleinonline.com.

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