New Release Radar: If the Month Matches the Day, NyteXing Has New Music to Play

It’s been a little while since we’ve checked in with Bethlehem-based nerdcore rapper NyteXing, but rest assured, he’s been busy.

The hip hop artist — perhaps the Valley’s most prolific — has embarked on a mission since July to release a new project whenever the date’s month and day match up for the rest of 2018.

That means, if you’re keeping score, NyteXing has recently released new music on July 7 (7/7), August 8 (8/8), and September 9 (9/9), with the biggest one yet — the anticipated “Welcome to Bludhaven” — on its way October 10 (10/10).

While you wait for that, catch up on the recent releases, starting with the latest…

“Project: DreamCast” (9/9)

“This Ain’t For You #Tafy” (8/8)

“Dear Momma” (7/7)

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