Sam Least Delivers Contemporary R&B Smash, ‘Postmaster’

West Palm Beach native Sam Least (real name Samuel Florexil) is a lifelong student of contemporary rhythm and blues, taking cues from greats including Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake, and using their influence to inform his sleek, modern sound.

For an example, look no further than debut single, “Postmaster,” which is underscored by cool, atmospheric tones and pounding 808s to create an ambient feel perfect for the afterparty.

Listeners may notice another prominent influence in Sam Least’s vocal: T-Pain. Similar to the popular R&B singer, Least’s use of auto-tune on the track’s refrain is used not out of necessity, but as an effect to enhance the track’s overall feel. The Florida-born singer’s soulful vocal chops are apparent on “Postmaster,” and have us excited for his next delivery.

Stream “Postmaster” on Spotify below!


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