How Did Music Become Modernized? Listen to This Podcast

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In recent weeks, we (and virtually every other independent and major music outlet in existence) have kept you up to date on the historic Music Modernization Act, which promises sweeping and long-anticipated reforms for how musicians, publishers, and songwriters get paid for their work.

But… how did we get here? What needed to be changed? What happens next? For those inquiring minds, we’ve come across a podcast that helps to explain the historic legislation and its implications — from three people who were intimately involved in its development.

Musonomics, hosted by NYU Music Business Program Director Larry Miller, welcomes¬†Jacqueline Charlesworth, Mitch Glazier, and Robert Levine to its latest episode. All three individuals “shaped or closely followed this bill from draft to signing,” and speak with Miller on how it impacts creators and what might come next.


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