What Music Industry Myths Do You Believe?

Think you’re “too old” to make it in music? Think “making it” is a one-time thing? Think “the business” ain’t quite what it used to be?

These are just some of the music industry myths CD Baby is working to dispel. In fact, the company’s DIY Musician blog has struck again, providing a list of eight music industry myths and the reasons why musicians should leave them in the past.

Here’s a snippet from the article, explaining why the modernization of music allows you to be more creative than ever before.

The shift from music ownership to music consumption, while obviously introducing some new economic challenges, does relieve musicians of the burden of being constant salespeople. We hated that anyway. Now all we need to do is find creative ways to inspire our listeners to press play. The only cost to your fan is time, so you can experiment, be authentic, communicate (all things we want to do with and for our music!)

Read the full list here, and feel free to provide your own reasons in the comments.

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