Daimon Price: ‘I have never been happier to participate in an event like this.’

Tonight, the Love Ran Red Foundation will host its Beer, Wine, & Swine benefit for adults with autism and developmental disabilities at 5047 Hamilton Blvd. in Wescosville, PA. For $20, patrons will enjoy barbecue, craft beer, local wines and, of course, live music.

One of the musicians performing, contemporary Christian artist Daimon Price, will perform on the benefit with his 16-year-old son, Jareth, supporting a cause that hits close to home. The below piece are Daimon’s own words about the importance of using music to support a cause.

As the proud father of a child identified on the autistic spectrum and a 19-year special educator, I have never been happier to participate in an event like this. Autism has affected my life, and continues to affect the lives of so many families across the nation. We have all read about the sudden and unexplained rise in the diagnosis, and yet, we have not done nearly enough to prepare for the transition these children will be making in five to ten years after graduation.

Though my 10-year-old son Jaidyn is considered “high functioning,” I am prepared for the possibility that he may not be able to live independently, and have already begun to prepare for such a scenario. However, there are so many families with children on the autistic spectrum at various levels. Are we as a nation prepared to offer assistance? Are we prepared for not only providing independent living scenarios, but also employment supports, so our kids can successfully work and earn a living?

As a transition specialist, I see our local agencies already underfunded and losing more and more funding each year. We are on the verge of a serious crisis, and we have to start preparing now. Until we can identify what is causing this disorder to rise rapidly, there will be no end in sight. Love Ran Red is desperately trying to begin this transition process and prepare families for the next step after graduation. We need to support this amazing organization, and encourage others like it to create a foundation for a brighter and positive future.

Performing on stage with my 16-year-old son Jareth has been a dream come true. We love playing my original music and our favorite Contemporary Christian songs. But, he’s also a teenager, so I’ve learned some of his favorite music, like Three Days Grace and such. Though my 10-year-old isn’t playing on stage with us yet, he is a musician himself and released his first full album of dance music last spring called THE SLIDING SPIRIT.

Jareth and I are so excited about performing with Scott Marshall this Saturday at Beer, Wine & Swine. I can’t say enough about Scott, and what a vessel he has become for God’s work. He’s truly one of the kindest people I have ever known. We are going to play some of my original music from my album “The Road Home,” and jam with the man himself! We are truly excited and blessed to be a part of this wonderful event.

Light and Blessings

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