These Fine Gentlemen Show Off Versatility on “Old Flames”

If there’s one thing that stands out about “Old Flames,” the debut full-length album from Seymour, Indiana alt rockers These Fine Gentlemen, it’s versatility. The band clearly has a bevy of influences that made their way into its writing process, and the fact is that these six Gentlemen are already very good at channeling them all.

As a result, we have a 10-track effort that will make you sing along, scream along, pump your fists, and feel a wide range of emotions.

“Old Flames” gets off to a hot start with “Choke,” a track that bursts from the speakers with a nuanced pop punk sensibility that adds a bright energy to the band’s hard rock edge. The mood turns a couple shades darker as we progress through the simmering angst of “Idle Hands” and the potently tense “Inside,” before brightening back up with the radio-ready “One Horse Town.”

Other highlights on “Old Flames” include the title track, which dials up the power and angst with a hard-hitting, explosive chorus that provides a great dynamic contrast with the song’s more subdued verses. Earlier, “Sorry” plays on the emo side of the tracks with a catchy melody and sing-along gang vocals that are sure to make this one a favorite for the live crowd.

Perhaps the emotional apex of the album, “Mother Mother” features standout vocal work from frontman Zach Killey, whose range and emotional expression impresses throughout “Old Flames.” Killey can switch seamlessly between singing sweetly and screaming with rage; a rare and valuable talent that he pulls off to perfection.

See the full track listing for “Old Flames” and give it a listen below!

Track listing:
Idle Hands
One Horse Town
Take It Or Leave It
Mother Mother
Old Flames


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