Ralph’s Reviews: Have a Sampling of Scott Danger Bravo

Photo credit: Scott Danger Bravo

New York-based songwriter Scott Danger Bravo has released a series of six singles throughout the course of 2018 that, in my opinion, definitely deserve some attention.

Using a variety of alternate tunings and interesting arrangements, he provides a unique and enjoyable listening experience with an all-instrumental style that will keep you listening. Each song is carefully-crafted; different from the one that preceded it, and features a smooth mix of finger-picking and strumming styles alongside some well-placed solos.

Scott has toured the country on numerous occasions. If you get a chance to see a live performance, you’ll notice that his live performances not only provide an opportunity to see andhear him perform his magic on an acoustic guitar, but to also hear the stories behind each song.

For more on Scott and his music, visit his website. As for the tunes, you can check them out below!

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