PHOTOS: Leah Nobel Presents ‘Running in Borrowed Shoes’

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Leah Nobel recently released her full-length album, “Running in Borrowed Shoes,” as an exploration of the human condition. The 10-track offering is the culmination of 100 interviews Nobel conducted with individuals of all ages, social statuses, and orientations, dealing with topics including (but not limited to) love, nature, war, and the essence of life itself.

This project was undertaken in an effort to reveal a simple truth: We have more in common than we think.

On Thursday night, that vision was brought to life in front of a packed house at Helping Our Music Evolve (HOME) in Nashville, where Nobel and her band presented the album live, from start to finish. The evening was a fully interactive experience; one which combined the cool vibrance of “Running in Borrowed Shoes” with videos, interview snippets, and audience participation. All of these moments worked together to create an experience that was engaging and unifying, brought together by Nobel’s innate ability to connect with each member of her audience from the stage.

Get a taste of “Running in Borrowed Shoes” on Spotify, and check out a few shots from the night’s festivities below.

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