LISTEN: The Quinn Spinn ft. Logan Crowell, Founder/President of Helping Our Music Evolve (HOME)

This episode — the first of the new, Nashville era of The Quinn Spinn — was produced at Helping Our Music Evolve (HOME), Nashville’s 24/7 music production and co-working facility, which helps music professionals expand their careers through relationship building, personal/professional development, and increased productivity. So, it’s only fitting that the visionary behind HOME is our first guest!

We welcome Logan Crowell, Founder/President of Helping Our Music Evolve (HOME) to the show. Hear Logan’s story, from his time as a musician in his native Arkansas, to his overseas educational adventures and, finally, his move to Nashville, where he founded one of Music City’s most exciting up-and-coming non-profits. Logan shares his insights on music, business, and life, alongside a glimpse into the future of his vision for HOME.

Listen to this episode, and get three FREE months when you join HOME’s online community from anywhere. Just use the coupon code UndergroundMusicCollective.

Opening theme: REVEL 9 – All I’ve Become
Closing theme: 
The Mad Sugars – We Want the Night

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