Enjoy the Benefits of HOME Wherever You Are

As you may have heard on Monday’s return episode of The Quinn Spinn, we’re teaming up with Helping Our Music Evolve (HOME) in Nashville to help musicians anywhere network and showcase their talents within the industry.

Between now and May 1, anyone who signs up to join HOME’s online community using the code UndergroundMusicCollective will receive their first three months of membership for free. This is your access to 200+ music industry contacts in Nashville and beyond, helping you make meaningful connections wherever you are.

This is all part of how HOME delivers on its mission. As Nashville’s 24/7 music production and co-working facility, HOME helps music professionals expand their careers through relationship building, personal/professional development, and increased productivity.

Jumpstart your career on us, and join HOME’s online community using our coupon code today. And, in case you want to learn more, a replay of Monday’s Quinn Spinn with HOME Founder/President Logan Crowell is below.

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