UMC20: April 1, 2019

We’re not fooling around today: we’re starting off the month of April with 20 of the freshest jams you’ll hear all week.

We have plenty of new releases to greet you on this week’s UMC20 Spotify playlist. We have selections from artists encountered while out and about in Nashville, and tunes from artists all over the world by way of The Balcony Show Play of the Day.

Certainly, you’ll find that the talent on this playlist is no joke.

Track listing
Evan Cline – Into You
Claire Kelly – Don’t Quit Your Daydream
Leah Voysey – Poison
J.Antonette – Something I Said
Stephanie Ryann – Whiskey Regret
Del Schueler – One Thing Right
Madison Mueller – Got This Way
Moonroof – Home Alone
Drew Michael Blake – You’re the One
Roi and the Secret People – Phoenix
Statues and Stories – I Won’t Tell Them What You Did
The Noble Kind – Circles In My Head
The Parachute Brigade – ‘Til I See Stars
Julia Mark – Gemini
The Condriacs – Out of the Blue
Leaders In The Clubhouse – These Goddamn Devices
Second Echo – Rain Down
The Million Reasons – Battle of Sound
Downrate – Miserable
Swirl – Rise Up

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