WATCH: Stacy Gabel Sends You ‘Straight to Voicemail’

Stacy Gabel is a busy woman, and she doesn’t have time for your white noise.

The singer, songwriter, and actress — who has spent time in New York and Los Angeles, and whose acting credits include roles on General Hospital and Charmed — has released her debut solo single, “Straight to Voicemail” that cleverly pokes fun at the state of modern dating.

The video shows Stacy in a variety of day-to-day situations — driving, at work, and at the gym — where she sings the sunny pop rock tune while only occasionally glancing down at her phone to hit “Ignore.” The video was shot in various locations around Stacy’s native Pennsylvania, and sends a clear, yet cheery message: ditch the pet names and get real.

Watch the video below!


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