Lost Stars Reflect on Lost Loves on ‘Never Getting Over You’

The build to Lost Stars‘ hotly-anticipated SIRENS + LIGHT EP continues.

This time, things take a somber turn.

The pop trio has released “Never Getting Over You,” a spacious piece of synth pop to help you deal with the sadness of a relationship that has reached the end of the road. The steady-grooving track was produced by David Thulin, and co-written by Gavin Slate and Lost Stars frontman Damian Malnar.

The band provides additional context on “Never Getting Over You” below:

“Sometimes it’s hard to let go of the past.  It can feel like you leave bits of your heart behind with every person you love and lose. But, the best way to move on is to understand that these feelings will linger with you, and that you’ll just have to learn to fearlessly open up your heart again. We believe that finding the beauty in all seasons of life is important for personal growth, and heartbreak has been a season for all three of us.”

Ready to check it out? We have just what you need below! And, if you want to learn more about Lost Stars, we chatted a little while back.

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