The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Wednesday, June 5

Lately, we’ve come into contact with a lot of urban country artists who are both delightful performers and people. Like this one. And this one. Oh, and this one and all of these ones.

We have much love for the genre and those who have made it into the versatile, powerful force it has become. And, I can recall of the very point in time when I became aware that country, in all of its forms, is everywhere — including, even, the big city.

The Quinn Spinn’s OG run was in its infancy in October 2013. We had put out maybe six or seven episodes, and one of the artists featured on one of those early shows re-tweeted the link to listen. That was when one of their friends took notice and replied…

“Hey! They spell their name the same way as us!”

Thinking quickly, I answered…

“Well, that means we need to be friends!”

The responding account in question belonged to female-fronted alt-country act Spinn. As you may have guessed, we did become friends — they are multi-time guests on The Quinn Spinn, and even helped us put on a festival in our native New Jersey woods back in 2014.

We’ve been in touch ever since. In fact, when I told them of my move to Nashville, they told me about all of the cool things I needed to do once I got here, and were more or less directly responsible for putting this and this on my radar in the first place. Indeed, The Quinn Spinn is a better podcast and UMC is a better indie music resource for having met the Spinn Twins all those years ago.

The independent country landscape is better for their presence, too. They’ve been reliably putting out distinctive, harmony-rich tunes for years. In 2015, they gave the urban Americana movement that has grown in and around New York City’s concrete jungle its anthem.

That anthem? It’s Spinn’s “City Country,” and it’s The Quinn’s Daily Spinn!

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