Real Studio: The Real Deal, Pt. 2

Last week, we featured a conversation with Jason Wegfahrt, studio director of non-profit Real Recording Studio in Bethlehem, PA.

During my visit, I also had an opportunity to sit down with the “other” Jason; that is, Jason Reif, Real Studio’s Lead Production Engineer. Jason had been best known regionally for his work with area musicians as the owner of Freestone Productions. In December of 2018, he and Wegfahrt joined forces, with a mission to take Real Studio to the next level in music production.

Reif noted that, while Real Studio wants to provide top-of-the-line offerings to eastern Pennsylvania and the surrounding region, the studio’s true mission is to add value to the landscape. This includes networking with other artists and producers, gathering information that will inform their place on the independent scene.

“We don’t want to be competition for other studios, engineers, and producers. We want to be another resource for the musical community to expand and grow,” Reif said.

This networking will also help the folks at Real truly get to know the artists — as performers and people — which will allow them to help musicians effectively and authentically market themselves, as opposed to following trends.

“You lose authenticity trying to be someone you are not,” Reif believes. “If you are trying to emulate what is cool right now, you are always going to be behind.”

Touching on the recording process, Reif’s meticulous attention to detail begins from the start of pre-production — something the producer notes as “the blueprint” for an artist’s song. At Real Studio, this process often involves a team to behave as a think tank whose ideas can enhance the final product.

From there, the team moves to recording. Reif encourages clients to tighten up their sound in rehearsals before heading into the studio to record live, when possible. Reif is a proponent of live recording, believing it to be the best way for a band to capture the true, authentic passion behind its sound.

“A great performance is always better than a perfect recording,” Reif said.

If you’re in the Northeast — or, if you’ll be through the area this summer — look up Real Studio online for a full explanation of their offerings.


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