The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Thursday, June 6

Last August, Billy Bauer Band released “So I Love,” their first new studio release since 2011’s full-length effort, “Maybe Tomorrow.”

The single — crowdfunded by the band’s loyal and dedicated fanbase in greater Philadelphia and beyond — was a sign of things still to come for the contemporary jam rockers, who have more new releases on the way this summer and beyond.

As for this one, its intricate rhythms provide a steady, upbeat backbone for Bauer’s polished, impassioned vocals. The single — written by Bauer in memory of his father — offers that the feeling of losing a loved one does not always become easier with time. However, by spreading our own love to the world around us, we can maintain a legacy for those we’ve lost.

One more note on this one: Chris Lorenzetti — Billy Bauer Band’s electric violinist and the X-factor of the band’s sound — shines on this one, with memorable, ethereal riffs and erratic, atmospheric accents that drive the track forward.

Listen to “So I Love” below!


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