Ralph’s Reviews: Taylor Shae – High Stakes

Back in January, you may recall that I brought you a little sample of what Longmont, Colorado’s Taylor Shae had in store for us with her then-upcoming album, High Stakes. Looking into singles “Nunavit” and “As I Please,” we discovered her deep, soulful, bluesy voice and crafty lyricism that set her apart from her peers at such a young age.

High Stakes is here now – released in April – and it offers you many reasons to kick back, relax, and enjoy the sound of these blues-infused tunes. For starters, Taylor’s incredible vocal range and some outstanding bass lines are on display from start to finish.

As for the songs, “High Stakes Livin'” is a treat, featuring high-end melodic harmonies and some tasteful guitar solos. There is also plenty of great storytelling, with tunes like “Sad Sad Heart,” “Mighty Mountains,” and — my personal favorite — “This Place,” on which Taylor looks through an old photo album to conjure memories and the tales behind them, providing the listener with a heartfelt look into his or her own history.

I’m sure we haven’t heard the last from Taylor Shae. The fact that this young and talented songwriter has released three full-length albums by the age of 18 is a hopeful sign of things to come in the future. While we wait to see what’s next, let’s give some attention to High Stakes. You can listen via Spotify below.

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