The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Thursday, June 13

These summer nights are for falling in love. Let us play Cupid, then, with a song that will help you fall hopelessly and with reckless abandon.

Back in February, we learned about Philly indie rockers Moonroof, whose stock has certainly risen in the City of Brotherly Love and beyond. Earlier this month, they opened the festivities for popular Philly radio station Radio 104.5 at their birthday show, which helped introduce their music to a sea of new ears.

Digitally, more of these ears have tuned into “Honey Honey” than any other Moonroof single. Upon listening, it’s easy to imagine why this one is so popular; its bright, mathy guitar progression and steadfast rhythm add a light, summery ambiance to frontman Dave Kim’s tale of falling for a new flame. For certain, “Honey Honey” is what it sounds like to be walking on air, captivated by the radiance of your one and only. It’s a unique song, for an equally unique — and oftentimes, rare — feeling.

Anyway, we’ll quit gushing about our Daily Spinn. Have a listen below!

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