The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Friday, June 14

We’ve never played, featured, or interviewed Moon Taxi on The Quinn Spinn — although, we’d certainly be willing, should the opportunity arise. We quite enjoy their work.

Either way, I felt like sending you into the weekend with this deeper cut from their 2018 full-length release, Let the Record Play.

Moments of peace and contentment can be rare in this world. That means that, when they come, we need to hold onto them. Certainly, our pasts are filled with battles. Similarly, our futures can often seem riddled with questions and uncertainty.

And then, there are the moments in between. These are the moments when we look at the rising sun and provide it welcome acknowledgement, because of the storms that had to clear for us to truly appreciate its brilliance.

In these moments, we also know that our work is never done, and that the future will almost certainly present unique challenges. However, we can look to how we’ve handled our prior trials for inspiration, see the beauty in how far we’ve come, and understand that we have the strength to take on what comes next.

These moments are out there waiting for you. You have to believe in them and make the decision to find them. Once you’ve made that decision, take continuous action toward whatever that reality entails. Slowly, those things you once thought impossible — those moments of peace and contentment — will come toward you until they are within your grasp.

“This time will be different.
This time, we’ll make it last.
No more worry about the future
No more running from the past.”

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