Celebrate the Earth’s Vastness with moon watcher’s ‘unobserved’

And now, for something completely different!

We’ve crossed paths with independent musician Andrew Sheldon in our travels over the past several years. He has steadily performed throughout the Northeast, whether as solo project Mt. Shasta, or as part of noise pop three-piece Best Hit TV.

The common thread through Andrew’s projects has been experimentation. The multi-instrumentalist is always tinkering with ambient soundscapes to give his art a vast, otherworldly feel.

Nowhere is that more present, perhaps, than on Andrew’s new project, moon watcher. He just released a new, instrumental single titled “unobserved,” which utilizes only a Nord Lead 2X and Empress Reverb to pay tribute to the wide swaths of ocean that are as-of-yet untouched by humankind. Sheldon states:

“This introspective track… layers textures that are meant to evoke sounds of both the ocean and, to a much lesser degree, synth textures associated with outer-space. Through this juxtaposition, the song aims to create a vastness for self-exploration and the innate incompleteness of self-realization. Still, in the face of the impossibility of complete self-knowledge, as Socrates stated at his trial, “an unexamined life is not worth living.”

Andrew Sheldon (moon watcher) on “unobserved.”

Ready to dive in? The Bandcamp stream is below!

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