The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Friday, June 21

Last month, we featured a conversation on UMC with Cris Jacobs, whose recent, full-length Americana effort Color Where You Are serves as a portrait in time of his new station in life as a husband and father.

Certainly, Jacobs’ new experiences and responsibilities informed the outcome of the record, with songs relevant to the state of the world and the values Jacobs intends to pass down to his daughter. With these recent life events also comes the notion of finding the magic in the routine; to look at the present moment and appreciate it, exactly as it is.

“Painted Roads,” the opening song on Color Where You Are, focuses on the beauty that we seek out in the world, but that we often miss in everyday life. As you head into your weekend, we hope it inspires you to take stock and find gratitude in everything around you.

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