UMC20: Best of June 2019

Man… we had trouble narrowing this one down.

But, when you’ve had such a diverse array of quality independent music come across your desk over the past several weeks, you have to do your best. And so, we did just that, selecting 20 tunes to represent June that you all seemed to enjoy quite a bit.

We’d list the genres again, but if you’ve been paying attention over the past few weeks, you probably have a sense that they’re all here in one form or another. Let’s just get to it!

Track listing
River Gods – Stressed Out
Vera Kay – Alibi
Sonar Lights – The Four Horsemen
The Slow Drag – I Feel It, Too
Tom Pino – New York City
Cameron Floyd – Rescue
Claire Kelly – Running Out
Elisabeth Beckwitt – Goddess
Eli Lev – One Road (Blue House Remix)
Sam Johnston – Isabelle
The Waymores – Matches
Taylor Shae – High Stakes Livin’
Lord Goldie – How Low
Talia Stewart – Look Ma No Hands
NyteXing ft. Shiki-TMNS – Soul
Lost Stars – Enough
Foxtrot & the Get Down – Legends Don’t Die
Benchmark – Be a Ghost
No, This is Patrick – Where’s the Giant, Mansley?
Fonvery – Hiding From the Headlights

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