Brother Dusty Releases ‘I Didn’t’ to Help Flint’s Water Crisis

Brother Dusty believes in giving back. In this case, that means using the revenue generated from his debut single to aid those without clean water.

The Nashville-based artist — real name Dustin McKee — has released “I Didn’t,” his first effort as a solo artist. Combining elements of heavy funk, rock, and hip hop, the dynamic single is hallmarked by a prominent, thumping bass line that would make Flea proud, and features Brother Dusty painting from a diverse palette of vocal techniques, from soul singing to southern hip hop.

Perhaps most notable about “I Didn’t,” however, is the fact that all money from streaming and purchases will be donated directly to aid the ongoing water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

“I just want to help spread the energy of serving and saving the Earth,” McKee notes. “Whether or not people like the song, we can throw on the repeat button and collect water for Flint, drop by drop.”

You can purchase the single and directly support the cause at this link. Or, if streaming is your flavor, you can do so below via Spotify.

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