PREMIERE: EverSōl Debuts with Dark, Dramatic ‘Secrets Untold’

A unique blend of Americana instrumentation and alternative rock edge comes together with a dark twist to give us an introduction to EverSōl by way of their debut single, “Secrets Untold.”

The single — premiered exclusively via a lyric video to the Nashville trio’s online following of EverSōldiers — carries a theatrical alt-rock edge that helps EverSōl draw comparisons to Evanescence, and which is enhanced by the inventive riffs of guitarist Matthew Coffin. This hard-rocking sensibility combines with carefully-layered Americana instrumentation, presented with minor tonality to give a nod to each genre’s witchier tendencies.

There’s plenty of soul to be had here, as well, thanks to lead vocalist Reece Johnson (a.k.a Keece). Keece displays impressive range and versatility on “Secrets Untold,” showcasing excellent command of her vocal instrument to fit right in with the song’s dynamic flow.

“Secrets Untold” officially drops to all streaming platforms on July 9, but we have it here for you early. Watch the lyric video below, and stop by the band’s website to learn more.


  • Wow. Welcome to fame and fortune guys. Matt, idk your friends personally, but that girl would put Amy Lee at her best to the test any day, and win. Fucking love it man, congrats and can’t wait to get yalls album.

  • This is sooooo Awesome! Can’t wait till it’s released!! ❤️

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