PREMIERE: Julie Haven’s Heartbreaking Single, ‘Love and War’

Florida-based singer-songwriter Julie Haven is set to release “Love and War,” the second single from her upcoming EP, Fools Gold, on Friday, July 12.

Today, we’re excited to bring you the first listen to this heart-wrenching new ballad.

“Love and War” is a piano ballad at heart; one where Haven delivers the anguish of the loneliness that exists within a broken relationship. Adding to the heartbreak is the stormy atmosphere created by hard-hitting percussion and piercing synth tones, which help the track swell steadily into a cascade of emotion. This crescendo progress right up until the end, where a tastefully simplistic, yet emotive guitar riff provides the listener with anything but a happy ending.

Be sure to keep Julie on your radar leading up to the release of Fools Gold on August 16. In the meantime, your first taste of the new tune awaits below!

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