The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Tuesday, July 9

Finger-pointing sure is easier than looking in the mirror. However, more often than not, it’s more beneficial to turn that index finger toward ourselves.

That’s the essence of Ron Gallo‘s “‘You’ Are the Problem,” from his 2018 album Stardust Birthday Party. The self-reflective indie rock ballad highlights the scenarios that often make our existence difficult here on Planet Earth. But, instead of encouraging the blame game, Gallo encourages us to look inside of ourselves for our responses to these situations. Often, that is where the root cause of our malaise exists.

“You don’t want to die.
You want to see the world organized.
But, how can it ever happen
If your insides are paralyzed?

No, the work does not lie ahead of you.
It hides within you right now.
I know it’s hard to know just where to start
When you’re looking outside yourself.”

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