The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Friday, August 2

Earlier this week, we got to meet Greg Gilman, the Los Angeles-based musician known as the man behind Greg in Good Company.

Greg — an eastern Pennsylvania native, much like the publication you’re visiting right now — was rolling through Nashville this past weekend. He performed during a writers round this past Monday night at Alley Taps, where he unveiled mostly unreleased material to the weeknight audience.

He also performed the song we’ve chosen as today’s Daily Spinn during that round, from the 2018 album American Way (which we’ve referenced here before). Greg wrote “Carrie’s Song” as a wedding present for a dear friend who always “told him to sing” — even when no one else did. The tune’s tender, reflective verses highlight the deep and heartfelt appreciation Greg has for his friend Carrie, and hearing this performed live and acoustic on Monday night was quite powerful.

Now, it’s here for you, in studio form. Let Greg sing you into the weekend!

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