The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Monday, August 5

In keeping with Quinn Spinn release day, let’s feature our guest!

We’re excited to be joined by indie pop artist and mental health advocate Elisabeth Beckwitt on this month’s particularly powerful new episode. You should head over to listen to it. Just keep in mind, we discuss some heavy topics on this episode, including mental health and addiction.

We also really enjoyed digging into Elisabeth’s new EP, Indigo, over the weekend. If you haven’t read that review yet, it’s right here.

Indigo also features our Daily Spinn. “Baggage” is a bubbly love song that puts a modern spin on doo wop musicality. It tells the story of getting to know a new love and appreciating them for who they are and everything — good, bad, and ugly — that brought them to their current state.

It’s sure to provide an upbeat start to your week. Enjoy it below!

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