Age of the Bear: Live at City View Sound

You’ve heard the name Anthony Cubbage around here before. He’s a friend from our time in Pennsylvania, and he’s one heck of a musician.

Now, the man known as Cubbage has a new solo project called Age of the Bear. He writes from a place of “growth, awareness, and self-discovery,” and uses his folk and acoustic rock inspirations to inform the new project from a musical standpoint.

In this episode of Live at City View Sound, Anthony Cubbage performs Waterfrom the new solo project, and discusses his writing process and use of improvisation to discover new ideas.

Live at City View Sound connects the face to the voice, the emotion to the artist, and the recordings to a raw performance. This series features artists of all genres, with each episode consisting of a 3-4 minute interview and an acoustic performance. Every artist has a craft and his or her own unique sound. Live at City View Sound strives to showcase these artists in their own element.

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