LISTEN: With ‘Lovely,’ Elisabeth Beckwitt Finds Power in Her Anger

Following the successful release of her EP, Indigo, it didn’t take long for Elisabeth Beckwitt to find the inspiration for a follow-up release.

This time, that inspiration came in the form of a statement anthem that sends a direct message: the days of oppression and inequality toward women are over.

“Lovely” finds the strength in womanhood and channels the frustration of having that strength undermined for too long. Listeners can hear an authentic rage in Beckwitt’s voice, as she delivers each word like a jazz-tinged dagger in the single’s dark, atmospheric verses. That rage boils over in the chorus, where an explosive trap beat sweeps in and Beckwitt unabashedly lays claim to her power with the line, “Fear me, hate me, call me crazy. You won’t break me.”

Feel the power. Listen to “Lovely” below.

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