PHOTOS: Horror Hootenanny 16 at Little Harpeth Brewing

Saturday night was the perfect atmosphere for things to get a bit scary. A full moon was in the sky, a chill was in the air, and the ghouls came out to Little Harpeth Brewing in full Halloween attire.

The occasion? The 16th annual Horror Hootenanny, a Nashville tradition presented by Dr. Gangrene and Nashville’s The Creeping Cruds. The Halloween-themed event features a costume contest and some of the heaviest music you’ll find in Music City or anywhere else.

This was our first Horror Hootenanny, and our maiden voyage was a mind-blowing, high-energy affair from the opening bell, courtesy of metalhead trio Night Talkers. Dressed in full hair metal attire to celebrate the occasion, the band’s opening set was marked by precise guitar shredding and onstage theatrics that created a palpable buzz to start off the night. From there, it was The Creeping Cruds’ turn. The veteran horror punks, dressed in uniform with host Dr. Gangrene, still had plenty of youthful energy left in the tank, which came through in a high-powered set.

Speaking of high-powered, we then had the chance to experience TIGER SEX for the first time. Originally formed in Las Vegas and now based in the Midwest, the thrash punk trio was as raw and unfiltered as advertised, bringing a primal, cathartic energy to the stage that has led them to international renown on the underground scene.

What would a Halloween show be without even more costumes? That’s where The Sithfits came in to close the night. The LA natives… er, I mean… the travelers from A Galaxy Far, Far Away were cloaked in full Darth Maul facepaint as they delivered Star Wars-themed parodies in tribute to legendary New Jersey horror punks, The Misfits.

All in all, Horror Hootenanny 16 was a fun, gritty, and good-natured romp. We’re already excited for next year. But, while we wait, here’s a look at the action through ol’ Buckshot’s lens…

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