The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Tuesday, October 15

It may decidedly feel like something other than summer in most parts of the United States, but don’t tell that to S.S. Ginnie and The Crew. They’re trying to keep this party going for a while longer.

You’ll find evidence of that in the band’s debut single, the surf rock-meets-pop anthem, “Ridin’ the Wave.” A song about embracing life’s joys, even in times of rougher seas, the tune gets its sound by a bright organ layered underneath nostalgic vocal harmonies and sun-kissed guitar work that is sure to send you packing for the beach.

The song is the first release from S.S. Ginnie’s forthcoming debut album, The Surf, which is set for release on November 22. The album, recorded in Nashville at The Jungle Room, will feature songs influenced by life in the Florida Keys, where S.S. Ginnie now resides. This will be followed by a retrospective, “before-the-Keys” album called The Turf, whose release date has not yet been determined.

Ride the wave and enjoy Tuesday’s Daily Spinn!

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