UMC20: October 22, 2019

This week’s edition of UMC20 mixes some brand new music with returning favorites.

Either way, these are artists you’ve either heard about here lately, or will most likely be hearing about very soon. Then, there are just a couple that we felt like including because we like them and what they do.

Oh, and genres. There are plenty of those present this week, whether you like the rootsy Americana thing, straight fire hip hop, or a lot of things in between. UMC is for everyone, and so is UMC20, this week and every week.

Track listing
The Slow Drag – All Because
Alexander Seier – Take A Ride
Kendell Marvel – Gypsy Woman
George Shingleton – Damn Good Woman
Lazer & Levi – One More Time
Kendal Conrad – Come to Your Senses
Katie Cole – Lullaby
MICVH – Don’t
Kara Frazier – Dirty Water
EverSol – Runaway
Elisabeth Beckwitt – Indigo
Maria Hassel – After Midnight
Talia Stewart – Fly
DaChri – New Friend
NyteXing – Embarrassed
C.J. Dunleavy – Tvlking
The Stash – How to Live
Tom Pino – Dnya
Mike DeCrosta – Sound to Light
Catalina – Get Out and I’ll Drive

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