UMC20: Best of October 2019

We know we say it every month, but… lordy, narrowing this down was tough.

October had a whole slew of standout tracks, and tough cuts were surely made as we compiled the UMC20 Best of October. For certain, we’ll remember far more than 20 songs from this special month.

With that, here are some of the ones that have left their mark. Come get it!

Track listing
Timothy Myles ft. The Parasocial Club – Drive Through the Night
The Slow Drag – All Because
Sonar Lights – Lady of the Winter
Night Talkers – Party
Tiger Sex – Dance Shoes
The Parasocial Club – Social Magic
A.T. Branch – Thug
Evan Cline – Me Without You
C.J. Dunleavy – Tvlking
Maria Hassel – After Midnight
A’Rose ft. SHWN – Armor
DaChri – New Friend
NyteXing – Embarrassed
Intellect – Scarface Fitted
Isaiah Conner – STN
Cardiac Half – City Lights
Savannah – Disarm Me
Katie Cole – Mile in My shoes
George Shingleton – Damn Good Woman
Lazer & Levi – That Was You & Me

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