LISTEN: Kendal Conrad’s ‘Leader of the Pack’ a Brilliant Country-Pop Crossover

Don’t think for a second that you’ve gotten the better of Kendal Conrad. When faced with adversity, the Nashville-based country-pop singer will come back more powerful than you could have ever imagined.

As proof, we offer you a listen to her resilient new single, “Leader of the Pack.”

The Pennsylvania native shines on the new tune, using her powerhouse country vocals to deliver a determined narrative; one forged in the fires of deception and abandonment, but which resolves itself on the sweet revenge of massive success. All of this is delivered over the punch of a trap-pop beat, and with the help of an outstanding hook that is sure to reel in a diverse listening audience.

The good news? We’ve hunted it down for you. Stream “Leader of the Pack” below on Spotify!

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