PHOTOS: Rusty Shipp’s ‘Liquid Exorcist’ Release Show at Grimey’s

On Saturday night, Rusty Shipp brought a celebratory atmosphere to Grimey’s New and Preloved Music on the city’s east side.

The Nashville rockers performed their new album, Liquid Exorcist, which was just released on Tuesday, November 7. The release — a concept album which dives into the experiences of those affected by sea mine terrorism in the 1940s — is a spirited rock effort; one which paints from a broad palette of inspirations, from 60s surf rock to modern prog, speckled with a grit drawn from the band’s grunge forefathers.

Saturday night’s performance was an opportunity for the band to showcase just how seamlessly it melds these varied influences together, into its own brand of “Nautical Rock ‘n Roll.” For example, fans will note the clear presence of surf rock from the start of a song like “Hundred Crosses,” but will notice the subtle takeover of post-grunge-meets-progressive layers, which slowly plunge the listener into darkness with a theatrical flair.

Another standout moment — both on the record, and during live performances — is the band’s rendition of Audioslave’s “Show Me How to Live,” released in tribute to the late Chris Cornell. Frontman Russ T. Shipp certainly shows the vocal chops to do Cornell justice, while drummer AJ Newton and bassist Andrew Speed shine in their ability to bring out the classic’s earthy, funky rhythms in a re-imagined light.

Take a look through our lens at the scene from Grimey’s below. Below that, be sure to stream Liquid Exorcist before you head out of here.

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