UMC20: Best of November 2019

11 months down, one month to go.

Like every month, this one gave us plenty of tough decisions in the narrowing-down process. Of course, the way our audience responded to some of these tracks throughout the month helped to serve as an excellent tiebreaker.

Either way, if we thought narrowing this down was difficult, just wait until we sit down and pick out 50 songs from the entire year for the UMC50 Best of 2019 playlist, set to hit your ears this Sunday, December 1. That’s a mighty tall order.

At any rate, we’re going to get started on that, with this month’s top tracks in our ears. Don’t be surprised if a few of these show up on Sunday, immortalized for all time from 2019.

Track listing
A.T. Branch – Put in Work
Rusty Shipp – Detonator
Mount Royal – Half-Beat Groove
EverSol – Kiss My
Williams – Rebound
Kendal Conrad – Leader of the Pack
Wes Ryce – Just About Me
Clayton Kaiser – Talkin’ Honky Tonkin’
Billy Bauer Band – Worms (Live)
Christine Renner – Beautiful Daze
Tom Pino ft. Colleen Francis – Stay
Evan Cline – Company
Madalyn Martin ft. Z’cano – Dangerous
HAYL – Be Like You
.CAM – Disconnected
Illa Noize – Million
DaChri – XYZ
NyteXing – Preaching
Intellect – My Soul
Bootleg Rascal – Get Over Myself

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