PREMIERE: Kara Frazier Returns with ‘Lovesick’

Kara Frazier has had quite a year. She released her EP Seven Ages back in March, which was certainly cause for celebration in Nashville. A bit later on, she was named an official ambassador of the Swisher Sweets artist project Class of 2019.

Admittedly, we’ve been waiting to find out what Kara had in store for us next. As of this Friday, the wait is over.

Frazier shines on “Lovesick,” a new single that reminds us why the Jacksonville, FL native has drawn comparisons to luminaries like Adele. A sweeping piano ballad, “Lovesick” is about a love hanging by its last thread; one where the relationship’s secrets have been laid bare, and the only thing left is to come clean. As always, Frazier’s commanding vocal instrument is perfect in delivering the inherent drama of the narrative, as she delivers another of her signature robust, emotionally charged performances.

Ready to hear this one before anyone else? We’ve got you! Stream “Lovesick” below!

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