The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Thursday, December 5

We’re taking an opportunity with today’s Daily Spinn to bring you something new.

Like, new new. Not only is the song new, but the band who released it didn’t exist before this.

The Simmers are a three-piece band from about an hour north of Philadelphia. Consisting of guitarist/vocalist Anthony Pascuiti, guitarist Matt Hassick, and drummer Zach Schutt, the trio has been together cooking up some jams for the better part of a year, at least.

The first of those jams is “I’ll Take It All.” A youthful, beachy tune, the single calls to mind alt-rock contemporaries like Kings of Leon and Young the Giant, fuzzed up with a bit of lo-fi grit to add a little bit of edge to our introduction to these mysterious gentlemen.

Take this one on! It’s our Daily Spinn, and it’s below.

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