Elisabeth Beckwitt Finds Resilience on ‘Fake It’

We operate within a creative landscape where there is a constant need to stay on top of what’s current; to prove your relevance, while keeping a keen eye on what everyone around you is doing.

Elisabeth Beckwitt knows this all too well. Her new single, “Fake It,” touches on the realities of the toll this grind, for all of its empowering moments, takes on us as people. Beckwitt uses the single to draw on conversations with her therapist, which have led her to call upon her empowered stage persona to help push through times of reduced self-worth and self-confidence.

The track was co-written by Beckwitt and producer Jason Threm, with the finished product mixed by Andy Freeman. Listeners will notice an unrelenting electropop soundscape befitting of Beckwitt’s emboldened resilience.

Sometimes, the trick to life is doing it regardless. In this case, we think you should stream “Fake It” right now, regardless of where you are. It’s below!

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